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Patricia set 10001T

Patricia set in a tropical collection is one of the simplest and smallest sets, composed by covered tower, a small balcony, front steps and a slide. It is a unique union of interesting colours with high quality of used materials. The device’s construction is made of pinewood, pasted in a multilayer way, painted in a nut-brown colour. Refills are the plastic HDPE of high quality.


Width 1,29 m
Lenght 3,85 m
Height ~3,18m m
Impact area F 22,95 m2
HIC 0,90 m
Dimensions of impact area length 7,33 m
Dimensions of impact area width 3,99 m
Depth of foundations -0,60 m


Balcony - 1 item
Entry stairs 90cm - 1 item
Slide 90cm - 1 item
Small toyshop - 1 item
Tower with roof, platform 90cm - 1 item


Technical data Visualisations View JPG JPG view 2D DWG 3D DWG Instruction manual