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LIttle scout 10077E

“Little Scout” is a multifunctional agility set in form of training ground, consisted of: horizontal, funicular playground -whose difficulty consists in moving between the grates of playground, pulling pipe, gymnastic grips, overhead kick pipe, balance beam with agility element - the game consists in ring spinning through the curved pipe, going long the balance beam, movable bridge and double scales. In the ecologic collection, the device construction is made of solid or pasted pinewood, painted in a nut-brown colour.


Width 3,67 m
Lenght 8,50 m
Height ~2,16 m
Impact area F 70,38 m2
HIC 1,80 m
Dimensions of impact area length 11,57 m
Dimensions of impact area width 6,66 m
Depth of foundations -0,60 m


Balance beam - 1 item
Bending set - 1 item
Entry stairs 55cm - 2 item
Horizontal ropenet 160 cm x 80 cm - 1 item
Mobile bridge - 1 item
Tower without roof, platform 30cm - 2 item
Tower without roof, platform 55cm - 1 item
Tube-bending - 1 item


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