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Set Herkules 425605

Herkules set is composed of many interesting elements, which encourage child to the active playing. Entrance linear playset, entrance accommodation ladder with rope, fire pipes, diagonal bridge and a small balcony will guarantee to the children passing their free time with peers in a nice and enjoyable way. In scope of downloading 2D and 3D files, we ask you to contact the architecture department:


Width 4,85 m
Lenght 6,86 m
Impact area F 53,93 m2
HIC 1,44 m
Dimensions of impact area length 9,87 m
Dimensions of impact area width 8,20 m


Arched entery ropenet 144 cm - 1 item
Arched metal entery ladder 144cm - 1 item
Balcony - 1 item
Entery ropenet 90 cm - 1 item
Entry stairs 90cm - 1 item
Fireman's pole 144cm - 1 item
Fireman's pole with a ladder 90cm - 1 item
Hexagonal tower with roof, platform 144cm - 1 item
Inclination bridge - 1 item
Metal Entry gangplank with a rope 90cm - 1 item
Pentagonal tower without roof, platform 90cm - 1 item
Slide 144cm - 1 item


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