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Set Cassiopeia 425607

Set Cassiopeia is an interesting and attractive element's composition: arched linear playset, high and spiral slide,fire pipe with a ladder and diagonal bridge with a balcony. It is an ideal connection which guarantees to the younger and older children great fun. In scope of downloading 2D and 3D files, we ask you to contact the architecture department:


Width 4,24 m
Lenght 7,32 m
Impact area F 52,65 m2
HIC 1,98 m
Dimensions of impact area length 10,24 m
Dimensions of impact area width 7,53 m


Arched entery ropenet 144 cm - 1 item
Balcony - 1 item
Closed helix slide 165cm - 1 item
Entry stairs 144cm - 1 item
Fireman's pole 144cm - 1 item
Fireman's pole with a ladder 198cm - 1 item
Hexagonal tower without roof, platform 198cm - 1 item
Inclination bridge - 1 item
Pentagonal tower without roof, platform 144cm - 1 item
Slide 144cm - 1 item


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