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Set Maze 91002B

Set Maze 91002B belonging to the Bambino collection, connects interesting colour scheme with high quality of used materials. The equipment consists of many arcade and didactic games, which give occasion to the children to play and develop themselves at the same time. For the purpose of getting technical cards, we ask you to send a Request of Quotation.


Width 1,78 m
Lenght 3,26 m
Height 1,36 m
Impact area F 25,15 m2
Dimensions of impact area length 6,26 m
Dimensions of impact area width 4,70 m
Depth of foundations -0,60 m


'Tic Tac Toe' Interactive game - 1 item
Didactic game-Connect shapes - 1 item
Drawing board - 1 item
Labirynth Game - 1 item
Tunnel - 1 item
Windbox Game - 1 item


Technical data Visualisations View JPG JPG view 2D DWG 3D DWG