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Set Luiza 10079R

Set Luiza is a device easily available, which was projected thinking about children in the preschooler age. Created on base of rectangle, gives possibility of moving between four towers united by movable bridge, tunnel, fixed bridge and rope bridge. Moreover, the equipment is created of horizontal ladder, tic-tac toe game, fire pipe, a shop, climbing wall, design board, 4 covered towers and 2 slides. Device from the knightly collection is characterized by a medieval styling and high quality materials. For the purpose of getting technical cards, we ask you to send a Request of Quotation.


Width 4,25 m
Lenght 7,65 m
Height 3,00 m
Impact area F 61,20 m2
Dimensions of packed item 2,70 x 0,75 x 0,50 m
Weight of item 60 kg
HIC 0.90 m
Dimensions of impact area length 11,55 m
Dimensions of impact area width 7,05 m
Depth of foundations -0.60 m


'Tic Tac Toe' Interactive game - 1 item
Climbing wall 90cm - 1 item
Drawing board - 1 item
Fireman's pole - 1 item
Mobile bridge - 1 item
Rope bridge - 1 item
Slide 55 cm - 1 item
Slide 90 cm - 1 item
Stationary bridge - 1 item
Tower with roof, platform 30cm - 2 item
Tower with roof, platform 90cm - 2 item
Tower without roof, platform 55cm - 1 item
Tower without roof, platform 90 cm - 1 item
Toyshop - 1 item
Tunnel - 1 item
Vertical ladder - 1 item


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