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Farm- Big maze 15002

The device, as every device making part of FARMA collection has been projected to resemble with its appearance a farm. Included in this complex arcade games, such as: labyrinth, box of winds, geometric box, make possible developing motor and sensitive capacities and the logical thinking. The tunnel passages allow getting mobility. For the purpose of getting technical cards, we ask you to send a Request of Quotation.


Width 3,43 m
Lenght 5,01 m
Height 2,50 m
Impact area F 47,00 m2
Dimensions of impact area length 7,83 m
Dimensions of impact area width 6,25 m
Depth of foundations -0,60 m


animals-horse, cow, piggy - 3 item
Drawing board 165 x 145 cm - 1 item
Labirynth Game - 1 item
Labyrinth made of wooden planks - 1 item
roofing - 1 item
Tunnel - 2 item
Windbox Game - 1 item


Technical data Visualisations View JPG JPG view 2D DWG 3D DWG