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Cooker playhouse 15004

Cooker playhouse is the fantastic device for children. The playhouse has been equipped in abacus, a counter and a bench, thanks to that children can play and take a rest under roof cover. The FARMA collection devices are characterized as the farm elements, what additionally stimulates to entertaining and world exploring. For the purpose of getting technical cards, we ask you to send a Request of Quotation.


Width 1,97 m
Lenght 1,97 m
Height 2,20 m
Impact area F 19,88 m2
Dimensions of packed item 2,00 x 0,50 x 0,20 m
Weight of item 32 kg
HIC 0,30 m
Dimensions of impact area length 4,67 m
Dimensions of impact area width 4,67 m
Depth of foundations -0,60 m


Bench under roof 30cm x 167 cm - 1 item
roofing - 1 item
table-counter 52 cm - 1 item
Triple abacus and toyshop - 1 item
Window with frame - 2 item


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