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technologia Wooden elements
In wooden sets we construct our equipment from layer-glued wood, painted with protective agents and varnished twice.

HPDE boards
We often use very durable HPDE boards in our equipment. They practically do not require servicing, they do not decay and swell under moisture absorption. No paint cissing occurs. HPDE boards are resistant to chemicals, cleaning agents, atmospheric influence, scratches, hits and microorganisms.

Anchor bolts and metal structure elements
The devices are set in a concrete foundation with the use of metal, galvanized anchor bolts, which provides a full protection of wood against the harmful effect of moisture from the ground. All chains and metal structure elements are made from bath-galvanized steel and are properly calibrated.

Playground structures
We use ropes with steel core, we combine them with ornamental elements with a proved durability and finish them with an aluminum thimble.

Metal elements of holders and safeguards Metal elements of holders, pipes and handrails are made from bath-galvanized steel and are powder coated for esthetic reasons. We protect the wood against moisture by using plastic decorative housings with a high durability.